Raghu Engineering Institutions has collaborated with Salesforce to meet the global demand for Salesforce developers. Students are qualified and certified in Admin, Application Developer 1 and Application Developer 2. Certified Students are employed by Salesforce in different IT service companies such as Cognizant, Infosys, etc.Sales Force Management (SFM) is a marketing management subsystem. Sales management is the one that converts the marketing strategy into marketing success. In reality, sales force management does a lot more than serving as a muscle behind marketing management. Sales force management systems are information systems that help to automate some sales and sales force management functions. They are also found to have been paired with a marketing information system.

Processes involved with the Salesforce

  1. Setting goals and targets based on inputs
  2. Assigning executives to meet revenue goals
  3. Control processes are accomplished within a specified timeframe and markets
  4. Management of the framework for coping with an unpredictable world

Metrics implemented with the Salesforce management

  1. Time management-Measure the tasks and time required for each task
  2. Call management-planning of customer experiences
  3. Opportunity Management-If the sales force management process is correctly applied, sales opportunities can be generated.
  4. Account management-In the case of multiple consumer opportunities, the account must be assessed by resources, procedures and goals.
  5. Territory Management – Sales Territories Management is highly skilled in controlling sales figures

Activities involved in Training

  1. Outlining the goals of the salesforce training
  2. Determining the teaching needs
  3. Deciding on the nature and form of training needed
  4. Training material
  5. Shift in teaching methods

750+ offers in 80+ companies - 2020 batch so far

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