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  • C Programming Lab
  • Advanced Data Structures Lab
  • UNIX and Shell Programming Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Web Technologies Lab
  • Computer Network & Network Programming Lab
  • Database management System lab
  • Hadoop & Big Data Lab
  • Mobile Computing Lab
  • Java programming Lab
  • Unified Modelling Language and Design Patterns Lab
  • Python programming lab
  • Data Structures lab
  • Operating systems lab
  • Linux programming lab
  • AWS Lab
  • Full Stack Lab
  • Basic Web Design Lab
  • Data Science Lab
  • R Programming Lab
  • Machine Learning Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab

Advanced data structures lab:

The course aims at developing skills for designing and analysing basic linear and nonlinear data structures. It enhances the students ‘ ability to define and apply the appropriate data structure to the given real-world problem. It helps them to acquire expertise in realistic data structure applications.

Database management systems lab:

Through using different applications such as SQL, ORACLE, and MS – Access etc., DBMS lab aims to practise and achieve the best results. All these include a detailed practise of various queries on DDL, DCL and DML.

Software Engineering lab:

This lab uses various tools that will be used for modelling the specifications. It offers us an environment in which the entire development process can be defined in its smallest detail. It gives us the facility to design our front-end method and the layout of our database.

C Programming lab:

The aim of this lab is to introduce students to the C-language programming concepts. Students will be able to develop their interpretation and problem-solving skills and use them for writing programmes in C.

UNIX and OS lab:

To get the students acquainted with the practical knowledge on the concepts of Operating Systems. Evidence of operation, memory, file and directory management problems in the UNIX / LINUX operating system.

Network programming lab:

The main purpose of this lab is to impart Unix system calls, Unix Inter Process contact, Remote Procedure Call, Socket programming, Process Synchronization to the students with hands of experience.

Web Technologies lab: By learning this lab Students would be able to evaluate the website and describe its characteristics and attributes. Creating web pages using HTML / CSS. Building dynamic web pages with JavaScript and creating XML documents and schemes.

UML & DP lab:

Create UML diagrams for static view and dynamic view of the system and generate patterns of development by appropriate patterns for a given purpose. Build a detailed model for a given scenario using structural trends and Build behavioural models for particular uses.

Hadoop and Big Data lab:

Students learn how to use the new big data resources such as Hadoop, Yarn, Hive, and Spark. Students are able to set up a basic Hadoop cluster themselves by using a wizard and can grasp the key elements.

Mobile Computing lab:

The goal of mobile computing lab is to build a framework and application level applications for lightweight, battery-powered computers fitted with a wireless network link.

Python programming lab:

Python programming is developed for software engineers, system management, programme managers and customer service personnel who want to learn Python programming language. The learning result would be a problem-solving and a good programming skill for a real world problem.

Java Programming lab:

This lab is used to create software development skills using Java programming for real-world applications and apply the frontend and backend of the programme. Using java programming as a tool used to solvereal time classic problems effectively.

OOP through C++ lab:

To identify the importance of object-oriented programming and the distinction between structured-oriented and object-oriented programming elements, which use objects and classes for programme development. Using different object-oriented principles to address various problems.

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